Rent a Goalie in Ottawa

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Is your normal goalie on vacation? Maybe he left his jock strap at last week’s game?  Or maybe you don’t trust him to stop the puck? Whatever the reason, when your goalie can’t play, use Puck App to quickly fill the net with a solid tendy. Puck uses a peer rating system to ensure that you don’t have a sieve in net!

We’ve all played against a team that didn’t have a goalie, it’s not fun.  There is no satisfaction in dangling a defencemen to only have to shoot into an empty net or worse have to hit a post (which are becoming harder and harder to hit when you’re actually trying to hit them). If your goalie can’t make it, for the love of the game,  Rent a Goalie in Ottawa using Puck app!

Ottawa is the capital of this great hockey nation and it is our goal at Puck to ensure that the citizens of Ottawa always have a goalie to shoot on. We never want to see one of the plastic goalies tied up on the posts or worse watch a helpless defencemen forced to play goal!

For those that are curious, the best goalies born in Ottawa are Gary Smith and Alex Connell. Hey boys, if you’re looking to throw on the old pads and stops some shots, give the app a download. I’ve seen some Ottawa Men’s hockey games, you shouldn’t have a problem.

Ottawa Prices:

1 hour: $35  

Last Minute Request (within 2 hours)  $45

Late Game (after 11pm) $40

To Rent a Goalie in Ottawa, Download The App on the apple store or even easier, we’ll text you the link if you enter your phone number on the home page.

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